Hello! I'm Luke.
I currently study Visual Effects (VFX) at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts in Los Angeles, developing my skills and exploring new concepts in many aspects of visual storytelling. My goal is for each project that I work on to be more innovative than the last.
The projects featured on this website offer a glimpse into the imaginative world of content creation that I passionately pursue. I hold my work to the highest standards, and will settle for nothing less than my best effort. I believe in visuals being used not to solely "look cool", but to aid the story, message, or theme of the project. This can be done subtly, extravagantly, or anything in-between.
In my work, I aspire to glorify God through the content I produce. I believe that the truest satisfaction comes from Christ, and I am enthusiastic to share my faith and love through the work I do.
If you have any questions, comments, or advice, I would love to hear from you!

Article - Nov. 2017 - Featuring VR Experience, "At Sea"
Semifinalist - Narrative (Domestic) - "G.R.E.T.A." (visual effects)
First Place - Best Comedy - "Lemons"
Top Ten - Best Overall - "Lemons"
Top Ten - Best Animation - "Alone Together"
Official Selection - Sci-Fi/Fantasy - "Unbowed Mercury"
First Place - Visual Effects
First Place - Motion Graphics
First Place - Commercial - "The Right Car"
Second Place - Live Action Short Story - "Lemons"
Second Place - Animated Short Story - "World War C"
First Place - Visual Effects
First Place - Animated Short Story - "Alone Together"
Second Place - Motion Graphics
Second Place - Live Action Short Story - "Reflection"


Director of Digital Media
Overseeing, coordinating, and producing promotional videos, motion graphics, and designs for Harvest Bible Chapel to enhance message and convey purpose of the Christian church.

Content Creator
Ampersand Cinema / Render Social is a Video and Commercial production house based in Sacramento, CA. I served as motion graphics artist and general video creator, capturing and finishing weddings, promotional videos, and commercials.

Special Agent X: 2015-2016
Graphic Designer
Special Agent X is a mortgage intelligence company assisting realtors manage their workload through their product, X-Ray Dashboard. I created and managed all visual graphics on websites and official documents.