I've always had a knack for technology, and an itch to express my creativity through filmmaking. I am fortunate to have discovered my passion for computer graphics at a young age, and dedicate my life to mastering it.
Attending Chapman University enabled me to experiment with virtual reality and motion capture, furthering my knowledge in all aspects of animation and visual effects. Contributing to many student projects, I made connections that established me as a sought-after digital artist, and was invited back to lecture in Maya and After Effects.
To manage the abundance of projects that came my way, I created my visual effects company, SnedFX, where I supervise subcontracted artists for high profile clients, top brands, feature films, commercials, and music videos. 
Working on the Zach King Team, we were constantly breaking world records through viral social media videos. As I took on more responsibility within the studio, I learned the intricacies of project management, pipeline building, and *extremely* short form storytelling. I learn best through doing, thrive in leadership positions, and love projects that challenge my technical and creative abilities to produce mind-blowing videos.
When my friends at SoKrispyMedia asked me to be the VFX Supervisor on Mr. Beast's Squid Game, I knew that all I had learned in computer graphics and project management must come together to complete over 350 VFX shots in under two weeks. Using Unreal Engine to generate backgrounds, I managed dozens of compositing and roto artists to deliver on schedule. Since then, we have built a pipeline for efficiently and remotely delivering these VFX.
I have created multiple virtual reality experiences using Unreal Engine and am very interested in being a part of the future of real-time rendering. For my animated short film, Preheated, I fully modeled, rigged, and textured two characters, assembled and surfaced a complex kitchen environment, created smoke simulations in Houdini, and managed the entire CG pipeline and render farm. In my free time, I run a social media account @supersned where I express my goofy and creative nature through silly 3D CG memes.
Thank you for checking out my work. Please don’t hesitate to reach out, I would love to chat with you!
Luke Snedecor
(916) 474-0926
Thank you!