March 2018

After creating my second-year film at Chapman, Packaged, I wanted to research how audiences would understand the story differently if we presented it to them in VR.

I was blessed with the ability to smoothly port the film into VR, and successfully post it in the Oculus store, where it has accumulated over 2,000 installs.
Additionally, Dodge College and Dell were so supportive of this idea, they allowed us to create a promotional video around the computers we used for the project.

September 2017

AT SEA is a third person narrative short VR experience, where the viewer has the ability to control where they are watching the story from. They can move above and below water, as well as rotate themselves toward, away from, and around the characters.

​​​​​​​For more info, Check out our Kickstarter!

July 2017

Internet Personality Zach King stars in this demonstration for his game, "The Magician's Apprentice", being privately shown to investors in hopes of expanding into a full game.

January 2017

Based on their viral video, Chalk Warfare
SoKrispyMedia is producing a video game including a Virtual Reality Beta Demonstration.

Once funded, this multiplayer VR wave shooter will enable you to customize and draw your own chalk weapons, pull them off of the wall, and battle with them, unlocking different types and colors of chalk to draw bigger weapons with better performance.

Halloween 2016

The Chapman Virtual Reality Club hosted a horror-themed event called "The Harvest", featuring a 360 film, an AR environment visualization, and this room-scale experience. 
We decorated the entire building appropriate to the theme, and over 400 attendees were able to experience the project!